Toonbreak – A better place to show off your animation!

March 1, 2007 · Filed Under Animation News · Comments Off on Toonbreak – A better place to show off your animation! 

There’s a new player in the animation portal game: ToonBreak. Aniboom has been a great success but, as you cruise the site, you get the feeling that a whole lot of talented people are doing a whole lot of work without hope for a financial return. Let’s face it: Contests are cheap. Sharing the revenue with contributors is a better way to run an animation portal. This is exactly what ToonBreak is proposing. From their press release: is a new animation video portal that shares revenue with animators. The brainchild of independent animator Shawn McInerney, ToonBreak is unique in that provides multiple tools for animators to generate revenue. Animators can earn money through video ads, text ads, merchandising, and donations. All of this is currently done through third party systems such as Revver, Google Adsense, PayPal Donations, and links to the animators’ online stores. ToonBreak’s deal is non-exclusive, and does not seek rights beyond those needed to show and generate revenue from the videos.

That sounds like a much better deal than anything currently offered by Aniboom. For a taste of Shawn McInerney’s work, check out this Channel Frederator video podcast.

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