Total Motherboard Meltdown

June 14, 2006 · Filed Under Catastrophes · Comments Off on Total Motherboard Meltdown 

That’s all folks, as Porky Pig would say. Dimples wanted to let you know that we haven’t been mugged and left for dead in NY’s subway system. We suffered a total motherboard meltdown that also fried the hard drives and, no, not everything was backed up. We had just purchased a 250 GB external drive for a complete backup but we didn’t do it in time. The Dimples’ team has learned a lesson and will never buy an MSI motherboard again. Apparently, there was a lawsuit and settlement involving capacitor failure. If the board had failed before Feb 2006 then we could have recovered all of our costs for repair and replacement. In the past we would have relied upon our favorite techno-geek pal to bail us out but he re-located to Cal-Tech in May. Damn, we miss him. We miss watching Looney Toons on his phone. We miss our giant black box of a computer and we miss the series of animation lessons and demonstration movies that we had prepared to upload to this site. Bear with us for a few days, we should be back to our regular posting habits by this weekend.