Flash Animator – Billy Bob at BillyBlob.com – Good Karma

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Dimples just ran across a fascinating web site: billyblob.com. This site is the creation of some guy who is supposedly named Billy Bob. He created a flash cartoon, Karma Ghost, that made it to Sundance a few years ago. Besides cartoons, his site includes a gallery of some fine paintings. Take a look. There’s quite a bit going on at billyblob.com. A quick google didn’t turn up any personal information on Billy Bob. Dimples would appreciate any scoop you might be able to provide.
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The “Mighty B” on Nickelodeon

Bessie Higgenbottom star of the Mighty BNickelodeon has released its official 2007/08 list of shows. A new 2D animated cartoon offering will be the “Mighty B” created (concept-wise) and voiced by Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live. From Starpulse:

“Mighty B,” picked up for 20 episodes, stars Amy Poehler as the voice of Bessie Higgenbottom, the world’s most ambitious and lovably unhinged 10-year-old “Honeybee” scout. As a member of the Honeybees, Bessie wears her uniform every single day, leads her troop with a zeal General Patton would have admired and has earned more Bee Badges than any Honeybee in history. But a bunch of badges still elude her, and Bessie’s not stopping until she has every last one.

The cartoonists collaborating on the concept for “Mighty B” are Cynthia True and Erik Wiese. From Zap2it:

Poehler co-created the cartoon with “The Fairly OddParents” staff writer Cynthia True and the Emmy- and Annie-nominated storyboard artist and writer Erik Wiese.

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The Rotten Eggheads Animation Contest 2006 – MTV

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The Rotten Eggheads is an animated on-line series from MTV about five characters with large heads. Dimples has to admit that before seeing this contest, we didn’t know that this cartoon series existed. The webpage says that The Rotten Eggheads are part of MTV’s European programming. This is from the contest rules:

the rotten eggheads – five unique characters starring in the homonymous open end animation series known from the mtv load project and honoured with numerous awards. the starring characters have two things in common: an enormous egghead and a fragile fate.
at the end of each episode at least one egghead breaks. a new episode of this series goes online on www.therotteneggheads.com every friday themed: “weak! every week!”.

The entry should be an entire episode of the Egghead series in cut-out style Flash animation. The prizes are as follows:

your ideas are worth cash! the designer of the best episode will earn 3000 USD and as the winner doesn’t take it all, the second prize is endowed with 1000 USD. the third place will still be rewarded with remarkable 500 USD.

The entry deadline for uploading your cartoon episode is September 30, 2006. The call for entries went out in July. Frankly, that’s not much time to create an entire episode. Templates to start your entry are available here.

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David Demorest – Artist and Flash Animator

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David Demorest creates some great flash animations. He’s a graduate of the animation program at Sheridan College in Canada. Dimples thinks that program is one of the best there is and David is doing them proud. His flash animations contain funny clever characters and beautiful movement. Dimples loves this head-on alien walk. David lives in Utah and works creating animations for children’s software.



Mark Fiore – Editorial Flash Animator

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Mark Fiore is one of our favorite animators. His cartoons are always funny, always hit the mark and are extremely well executed. He started out as a traditional editorial cartoonist but switched to flash animation in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since. You can see his work on the San Francisco Chronicle web site. The current cartoon on global warming is must see flash animation.

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