Animated Cartoon Oscar Winner in 1940 – The Milky Way

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Here’s a huge dose of cuteness from Warner Brothers. “The Milky Way” was the first animated cartoon not made by Disney to win an Academy award. The story is based on a nursery rhyme classic about the three little kittens who lost their mittens. As you watch this notice the masterful use of squash and stretch. This cartoon and other classics are available on DVD in the Warner Brothers Academy Award Collection.



Fleischer’s 1941 Bugville Available on DVD

March 14, 2008 · Filed Under Animation News, Classic Animation, DVD · Comments Off on Fleischer’s 1941 Bugville Available on DVD 

Bugville DVD from Fleischer Studios 1941Bugville, also known as “Hoppity Goes to Town”, is a great classic cartoon from Fleischer Studios and it is now available on DVD. It has all of the imagination, color and fluidity of classic 2D animation that we love at Dimples. We’ve moved it to the top of our Netflix queue but it is also available at a great price from Amazon through the link in this post. On Netflix, Bugville is listed in the New Release section under Classics. Hopefully, more of the late Fleischer brother’s animation will be released on DVD.