Animated Cartoon Oscar Winner in 1940 – The Milky Way

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Here’s a huge dose of cuteness from Warner Brothers. “The Milky Way” was the first animated cartoon not made by Disney to win an Academy award. The story is based on a nursery rhyme classic about the three little kittens who lost their mittens. As you watch this notice the masterful use of squash and stretch. This cartoon and other classics are available on DVD in the Warner Brothers Academy Award Collection.



Oscar Nominees for Best Animated Short on CBS Sunday Morning

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CBS Sunday Morning did a great segment on the nominees for Best Animated Short today. The video for that segment isn’t available yet on their web page yet but it should be by the end of the day. It’s wonderful that CBS took the time to profile these fine examples of animation art on their Oscar show. They gave these animators more time than some of the high profile nominees in the major categories. Also, some of the scenes they showed are not available in on-line trailers.


DVD Alert – 2006 Oscar Nominated Short Films Are Released on DVD this Week

The Danish PoetYou don’t have to live near a film festival to see this year’s Oscar nominees for best animated short. They’re being released on DVD this week together with the rest of the short film nominees. From the Netflix blurb:

Enjoy the best live-action and animated shorts from the 2006 Academy Awards. This eclectic collection includes live-action winner “West Bank Story,” a hummus-rich Middle Eastern parody of West Side Story, and animated winner “The Danish Poet,” which follows the title character on an adventure into romance and inspiration. Also included are nominees “Binta and the Great Idea,” “One Too Many,” “Helmer & Son,” “The Saviour” and “Maestro.”

Dimples is a Netflix junkie and this is one of the reasons why: You get immediate access to small treasures like these. The exact title of the DVD is “The 2006 Academy Award Short Films Collection.”

p.s. After viewing the DVD, I found the blurb to be misleading. “The Danish Poet” and “Maestro” are the only animated shorts from 2006 on this DVD. The other animated shorts are from the previous year. I assume this is an innocent error since many people confuse the year the film was made with the year the awards were made. Films released in 2006 would be eligible for the awards made in 2007. In any event, the rest of the animated shorts on this DVD were released in 2005 which wasn’t nearly as strong a year as 2006. Dimples suggestion is to rent this and not buy it.

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The Danish Poet Wins the Oscar for Best Animated Short!

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Danish PoetHA! Dimples is in shock. Dimples loves the artful 2D animation and beautiful story of the Danish Poet, but frankly, Dimples did not think there was any chance for this to win. It’s the pick of all three on the Dimples’ team. It’s stylish and it can be enjoyed on many levels by young and old. Congratulations to Torill Kove and her team on their great win. Wowzer.