Fred Moore’s 14 Points of Animation

This list was composed by the great Disney animator Fred Moore and is shown here as it appears in “Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life”. Fred Moore was one of the great “natural” Disney animators from the 1930s. He created the seven dwarfs in Snow White. Fred Moore died in a traffic accident when he was only 42 years old.

Fred’s 14 Points of Animation

    1. Appeal in drawing
    2. Staging
    3. Most interesting way?
    4. Is it the most entertaining way?
    5. Are you in character?
    6. Are you advancing the character?
    7. Is this the simplest statement of the idea of the scene?
    8. Is the story point clear?
    9. Are the secondary actions working with the main action?
    10. Is the presentation best for the medium?
    11. Does it have 2 dimensional clarity?
    12. Does it have 3 dimensional solidity?
    13. Does it have 4 dimensional drawing?
    14. Are you trying to do something that shouldn’t be attempted?