2D Flash Animated Skunk Fu Coming to WB Kids

Skunk FuSkunk Fu, an animated cartoon previously available in the UK and Australia, is coming to the Saturday morning cartoon segment on The CW network known as the “Kids WB!”.

Skunk Fu is 2D flash animation from Cartoon Saloon. The basic story is:

Dragon and his Ninja Monkeys will stop at nothing to destroy the Valley Animals.

But wise old Master Panda believes that the answer to their prayers rests in the tiny paws (and smelly butt) of his young student – Skunk!

Panda trains Skunk in the art of Kung Fu. Besides Dragon, Skunk’s biggest enemy is his own impatience; he’d rather go on adventures than do boring old training.

Only time will tell if he’s ready…

The folks at Cartoon Saloon have also created a blog for Skunk Fu. You can see a number of stills from the series on the blog.
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