Run Wrake’s Rabbit – It will make you vegan.

May 30, 2006 · Filed Under Animation Award Winners 

Dimples stumbled across Run Wrake‘s website over the weekend. This guy has some serious weirdness in his head. We love it.

First, Dimples must make a small digression. If you’re here, you’re probably looking for animation but the Dimples’ team is broadly educated and wants to point out a strange similarity between Run Wrake’s award winning animation “Rabbit” and the super creepy art brut illustrations of Henry Darger. Darger drew small children and, regardless of gender, they all had diminutive male genitalia. He worked as a janitor in a school. He had hypergraphia and he is a darling of art brut collectors. Here are some of Darger’s little girls.

Returning to our animator, Run Wrake, here is an image from his short film “Rabbit”.

These images are not the best to make the comparison but, trust our dimples, there is a strong similarity in style.

“Rabbit” is an entrancing nine minute short that is sure to turn the biggest Whopper sucking red neck into a llama petting vegan. Take a look here.

When you visit Run Wrake’s website be sure to look at his biography. It’s the best part



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