New 2D Animation Software from ToonBoom – Animation-Ish

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Animation-Ish from Toon BoomThe great folks at ToonBoom have introduced a new 2D animation software package that anyone can use. It’s called Animation-Ish. It’s a cooperative venture with Peter H. Reynolds who writes and illustrates children’s books. His message and the premise of the software is that a drawing doesn’t have to look perfect to work. From ToonBoom:

Introducing the world′s easiest software program, designed to have your drawings up and moving in minutes! Created by Peter H. Reynolds, NYTimes Bestselling Author/Illustrator of The Dot, Ish, Someday, and the Judy Moody series, packed with Peter′s inspirational creativity tips and drawings, Animation-ish lets you design animations for movies, greeting cards, websites, presentations and school projects, and then share your creations with the world!

The price for an individual copy is only $59.95 US and that’s one tremendous deal. Dimples uses ToonBoom’s storyboard software and we love it. Thus, this software is probably created and published with the same attention to detail.

Dimples found a video on youtube with someone trying to use the program but it’s not very informative. See below:

What’s very interesting about this program is the ease and efficiency with which you can create simple animations and export them in a format you can share with others. Dimples thinks this makes the program an especially good deal for the weekend animator. From ToonBoom:

Top Program Features
  • Over 50 “Inspire Me” video clips from Peter H. Reynolds
  • 3 animation skill-levels
  • “Project Vault” with Peter’s drawings and starter ideas
  • “Share” feature for exporting into multiple formats
  • Online lessons from Peter and the animators of FableVision

“Class” (Entre les Murs) Wins the Palme d’Or Prize at Cannes in Unanimous Vote

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“Waltz with Bashir” did not win the top prize at Cannes. In fact, it was totally stiffed by Sean Penn’s jury. From Time:

Another surprising omission was the Israeli animated documentary Waltz With Bashir, which had critics cheering from Day Two, when it was unveiled, up to the announcement of the awards. At the post-Palmares press conference, Penn acknowledged that he wasn’t pushing for Bashir, since there were so many other films that “called out and provoked us in a new way.” He added, “I think it will find its audience without us,” suggesting that the Jury wanted to give affirmative-action pushes to luminous films in need of the worldwide attention a Palme d’Or can bring.

I translate this as animation isn’t serious film. Frankly, Dimples thinks this stinks.


Waltz with Bashir – Will 2D Animation Win the Palme d’Or Prize at the Cannes?

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From the BBC:

An animated documentary about a massacre in the Middle East is the current frontrunner to win the coveted Palme d’Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Waltz with Bashir is a daring and provocative attempt by director Ari Folman to bear witness to an atrocity committed during his stint in the Israeli army in 1982.

Waltz with Bashir is 2D animation paired with 3D effects. Here’s the official trailer:


It looks like a beautifully made movie.


Animated Cartoon Oscar Winner in 1940 – The Milky Way

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Here’s a huge dose of cuteness from Warner Brothers. “The Milky Way” was the first animated cartoon not made by Disney to win an Academy award. The story is based on a nursery rhyme classic about the three little kittens who lost their mittens. As you watch this notice the masterful use of squash and stretch. This cartoon and other classics are available on DVD in the Warner Brothers Academy Award Collection.



Here Comes Bessie Higgenbottom in the Mighty B on Nickelodeon

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It’s been a long wait since Dimples first posted on the new 2D animated series from Nickelodeon, The Mighty B, but it is finally time for the premier episode this Saturday, April 26, at 10:30 AM. This looks like a great series with a great lead character in Bessie Higgenbottom, great voice actors and excellent animation. Take a look at some clips from The Mighty B. First is a rough animation of a scene and the second is a promo for the series.




Dreams and Desires and T.O.M. Share the Public Choice 2008 Prize at the British Animation Awards

Joanna Quinn is one of our all time favorite animators and we’ve profiled her Dreams and Desires short film previously. It keeps on winning award after award for Quinn and Beryl Productions International. She shared the award with another Dimples’ favorite, T.O.M., from Tom Brown and Daniel Gray. Tom and Daniel have been kind enough to post on Dimples from time to time. From IC Network:

Dreams and Desires – Family Ties (Beryl, Y Briodas a’r Fideo), a co-production between S4C and Quinn’s company, Beryl Productions International, jointly won the Public Choice 2008 prize at the British Animation Awards.

Quinn shared the award with fellow Welsh entry, t.o.m., a short film by Tom Brown and Daniel Gray, produced at the International Film School of Wales, Newport.

Here’s a YouTube clip of Dreams and Desires:

And, here is her fantastic demo reel:

Finally, a very short clip from T.O.M.:


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