Animboom Announces Six Winners of Their First Annual Animation Contest

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Aniboom is a relatively new animation site that Dimples thinks hits the bullseye dead on. Youtube is fine for uploading your latest puppy and kitty videos but young animators looking for feedback on their animated shorts needed a place like Aniboom to show off their stuff. On Feb. 1, Aniboom announced their six prize winners.

  • Grand Prize WinnerBendito Machine – Dimples loves this animation. We’re not sure what the message is but we’re known for our general denseness. The animators were extremely clever with their technique in this piece as well as extremely artful in their presentation. This short deserved the big prize.
  • Funny Category WinnerHumans! – This is a cute animation that is expertly done in a public service STD announcement fashion.
  • Drama Category WinnerBeton – Dimples greatly enjoyed the style of this short animation. Like the grand prize winner, these folks were clever in delivering an enjoyable short film despite the simple animation. In other words, no lip synch required. This work is also timely and thoughtful as was Humans!.
  • Music Video Category Winner Mr. Fortune – You have to admire the quality of this one. The timing is perfect. It’s not a style that pleases us but you have to give high marks for technical merit.
  • Crappy Category WinnerBack in Bush – Well, what can we say, this is crappy animation but it makes fun of Bush and Cheney so it’s not all bad.
  • Experimental Category WinnerChaos Theory – This is the winner that we liked least. It’s pretty and it will give your sub-woofer a workout but there’s no story and there’s no character and, as far as Dimples is concerned, that’s just boring.

While Animboom was giving out $50,000 to these winners, they were collecting a much bigger prize for themselves. From

Israeli startup Aniboom has raised $4.5 million for its emerging online animation community, which it hopes to turn into a distributed animation studio.

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