Big Changes at Darling Dimples – 2D Animation Blog

October 16, 2010 · Filed Under Thank YOU! · Comments Off on Big Changes at Darling Dimples – 2D Animation Blog 

Darling Dimples has moved from Dreamhost to Hostgator.  We have been a loyal Dreamhost customer for many years but it’s become difficult to excuse the downtime at Dreamhost.  So far, in terms of responsiveness and overall customer care, we’re extremely pleased with our new host.

There’s always a downside. For reasons we don’t understand, certain links, as they are listed on Google, are not taking folks to the correct pages on Darling Dimples. This is creating a bunch of 404 errors. We think this will clear up once we are crawled by Google.  If you’re looking for a page, find it from the front page of Dimples and you will be taken to the correct place.

Finally, we’ve been asleep at the wheel around here for some time but we’re going to be posting again.  Thank you for visiting us.